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Vision Without Glasses – A Detailed Review

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If you’ve come across the Vision Without Glass guide, and you would like to learn more about what the method entails, whether it’s really possible to improve your vision without glasses, and what the real users are saying about this guide – then you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re going to examine what this program is all about, so you can decide whether it’ll work for you. So let’s get started.

What Is The Vision Without Glasses Guide?

If you’ve suffering from impaired vision, and you think that wearing glasses or contact lenses are the only answer, then you could be right.

However, there is also another viewpoint, originally discovered by the famous ophthalmology doctor, Dr W.H Bates, who may know a few things that you’d like to consider. Dr Bates believed that you can improve your vision naturally, through a variety of “eye exercises”, that can retrain your ability to see with 20/20 vision.

Who Is Duke Peterson?

Vision Without Glasses

Duke Peterson has gathered this information into a comprehensive guide, which outlines the entire collection of methods and strategies which were used by the famous eye doctor, and there is a growing base of evidence to suggest some credence to his theories. While some of the tactics are “controversial” in the mainstream world, they may certainly be of interest to you if you would like to improve your vision without becoming dependent on your glasses or contact lenses.

Cure The Problem, Not The Symptom

One of the core beliefs behind the Vision Without Glasses system is that your eyesight can be corrected naturally, through a series of progressive eye exercises which strengthen the overall functionality of your eyes. While modern treatments primarily focus on prescribing glasses and contact lenses to improve your vision, Dr Bates believed this only treated the symptom, and ignored the actual problem entirely.

With the Dr Bates series of exercises, you will be directly addressing the problem, rather than the symptom. While you will need some dedication to follow the program for several weeks, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll achieve some great results when you focus on the real issue behind poor vision.

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Vision Without Glasses 1What Are The Exercises?

There’s no need to panic if you think these exercises are going to be complicated or difficult to perform. Primarily, they are designed to be progressive, which means you only need to tackle the harder exercises once you can comfortably achieve the earlier ones.

There aren’t too time-consuming, either. In fact, the main program only requires you to invest 15 minutes each day to complete the list of exercises. This needs to be performed every day for 3 months if you want to achieve the best possible results – although it’s quite possible to see incredible improvements within a much shorter time frame.

Most people agree that this is a very reasonable investment in exchange for improved eye sight – and there’s a good chance you’ll become far less dependent on your glasses or contact lenses during this time, too.

The “Instant Result” Exercises

While the bulk of the program requires you to invest at least a few weeks before you see the results, there are also a few “instant” exercises which can give you relief from a variety of problems very quickly. One of the best exercises is the “60 second relief” technique which drastically reduces eye strain and headaches, without relying on your glasses. This can be a real life-saver if you regularly suffer from headaches due to your impaired vision.

Powerful Bonus Guides

Not only do you receive the comprehensive Vision Without Glasses guide, but you also receive several other interesting products which may be of use to you. The first one is an ebook which reveals the original program created by Dr Bates. The main guide covers the essential tenets of the Bates program, but the original research is also very interesting if you’re curious to see the “roots” of the program.

The second bonus is a collection of eye charts, which are invaluable when it comes to tracking your progress with the method. This is a complete collection of guides which will thoroughly test your eyes, so no stone will be left unturned, and you’ll get a true indication of how well your eyes have improved after you’ve been following the method for awhile.

Vision Without Glasses 2The third and final bonus is unlimited email contact with the program creator, Duke Peterson. This is actually an invaluable resource, as you’ll be able to ask any questions you have, and also receive personal support. This is very rare for a program creator to give away his time like this, so it just goes to show you the dedication he has for the method, and his determination to bring the program to a wider audience.

The 100% Money Back Guarantee

It’s worth noting that this guide comes with a full money back guarantee, which means you can claim a refund for any reason at all, as long as you claim within 60 days of your purchase. This allows you to read the entire guide, and give the exercises a go for up to 2 months, before you decide on whether the method has any value to you. If you find that it works, then there’s a good chance you’ll be shocked and delighted by the progress you’ve made.

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on Unconditional 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

What Are Real Users Saying?

The methods used in this guide may be controversial, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence which suggests they may work. However, while the method doesn’t work for everyone, it’s impossible to say whether it’ll work for you until you’ve tried it. Many user forums have discussed the methods outlined in this guide, and it seems there’s several people who have been blown away by the results they achieved.


If you’re looking for a natural way to strengthen your eyes, reduce your reliance on glasses or contact lenses, and maybe even restore your eyes to near 20/20 vision – then this is certainly a guide that you should consider. Even if you decide the method isn’t working for you, you’ll still be protected by the money back guarantee, so it’s well worth looking into if you’re curious.