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Six Pack Shortcuts Review

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If you are looking to get great abs, then you will probably want to try some of the best systems and training programs out there that will help you to achieve this. Well, one of these top programs is the Six Pack Shortcuts system and once you check out the Six Pack Shortcuts review you will see why it is rated as one of the best training programs out there to give you that desired ripped look.

What is Six Pack Shortcuts About?

The main thing about this program is that it is focused on intensity and on maximizing the so called Afterburn Effect, as developed by Mike Chang in his renowned Afterburn Training video. People from all over the world have used this training program to get great looking, defined abdominal muscles and it is pretty simple. Basically it is a unique combination of heavy compound weight training with high intensity cardiovascular training. This is a highly effective system that will get you to look the best you have ever looked, and it promises to give you six pack abs even if you have never had a six pack before.

Risk Free

The system has been developed in such a way so that it works for everybody. To prove this, Mike Chang, its creator has offered a risk free 100% money back guarantee if you get the Six Pack Shortcuts training program and don’t see any results within 60 days. This is an amazing offer, because no matter what your fitness level is and no matter how flabby you are, it is guaranteed to work in 2 months, so you can get lean and ripped in a very short space of time.

Get Six Pack Shortcuts Package With 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What You Get

The system consists of a full set of 4 high definition quality DVD’s or videos that cover 21 training workout sessions, as well as demonstrations of how to perform each exercise correctly in order to maximize your results, and he also offers personal fitness advice in his videos where you are taught how to stay motivated, how to use various techniques to make the most of the training program and learn about being consistent with your eating habits and workouts for the best effects.

Additional Extras

Aside from the workouts which promise to give you results, you also get the DVD’s shipped for free, you get a workout log sheet that you can print out to keep track of your routines and your results, you get instant access to the member’s site where you can watch the workout sessions and start training right away without having to wait for your DVD’s to arrive. You can also put the videos onto your iPhone or Android to have them with you wherever you go for easy training when you are away, and the best part is that your access to the site is free for life so you can always come and check out the videos.

Bonus Products

With the Six Pack Shortcuts program you will also receive 2 bonus products which will help you even more with your weight loss and ab defining regime. The first product is the Zero Willpower Eating System which will enable you to eat healthy food in a clever way to enhance your workouts. You will be taught how to lose weight without starving yourself or crash dieting, and you will also learn various eating strategies that will help you put on muscle without putting on a lot of fat in the process. Mike Change also highlights 5 simple eating strategies that will help you get in shape, and he also gives you plenty of great recipes to choose from to make things easier. For those who don’t really have time to cook, there are also some great tips for making a week’s worth of healthy, tasty meals so that you can just heat them up and you are not tempted to get take outs. Some other tips include how to cook with wholesome, affordable foods, making healthy food delicious, and how to save time cooking a week’s worth of food so that it takes no longer than 90 minutes.

The second bonus product is Advanced Fitness Coaching which will give you brand new, advanced techniques for your fitness training regime, your nutrition, and more. These are high level techniques that are meant for those who are more advanced. These are definitely not for beginners and will take your training to the next level. These are add-on exercises that will enhance the initial Six Pack Shortcuts program, and that you should include at the end of each day’s workout. This also provides you with specific routines for body sculpting, developing athletic conditioning, and for maximum fat loss. The Advanced Fitness Training is given to you free for 30 days.

Get Six Pack Shortcuts Package With 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Personal Training

One of the best things about this program is that you also get one-on-one training tips and coaching from Mike Chang himself or from one of his senior trainers. If you have a question about anything in the videos you can just send him an email and you will get a reply in a few days. The workouts can be customized to suit your specific requirements as well, so for instance, if you have an injury you can email Mike to get some advice about how to work around this, or if you have any lifestyle constraints that make it hard to follow the program you can get 1-on-1 help. You will also get motivational and inspirational thoughts from Mike to keep you going and to ensure that you meet your weight loss and weight lifting goals.

Great Price

With the Six Pack Shortcuts program you will find that it is offered at a discounted rate, which makes it so much easier to get great looking abs! You won’t have to pay the full, normal price of $297, but instead if you order online you will get it at the price of $97 only. This is an amazing price considering that the private training rate that Mike Change charges is $250 an hour.

This Six Pack Shortcuts review and many others like it all show how beneficial this program is and what a great deal it is to get professional high quality training that gives you perfect abs for such a cheap price.

Get Six Pack Shortcuts Package With 60 Day Money Back Guarantee