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Old School New Body Review: A Look at the Different Features and Benefits

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This Old School New Body review will help you understand the essential features that this product offers. Basically, this is a youth-enhancing system that can help you regain vitality and strength in only a matter of weeks. It introduces workout programs called the F4X, or the Focus 4 Exercise Protocol. The program uses a scientific approach in delivering a toned and fit body – even when you are in your 40’s. You can defy age and build lean muscles by applying the techniques explained in the handbook.

About the Authors

Steve and Becky Holman developed this anti-aging and fitness program. Steve is the present editor-in-chief of Iron Man, one of the oldest and most reputable fitness magazines in the world. He has also written and published over 20 books and hundreds of articles that dealt with body building, nutrition and weight training. Becky Holman, Steve’s wife, worked with him in developing this outstanding fitness and health program.

Features of the Old School New Body

F4X or Focus 4 Exercise system deals with tried and tested techniques in enhancing your body’s appearance and strength. The program is suitable for individuals in their 40’s and over, as the authors have created this product for those in their middle age. In fact, Steve and Becky Holman developed the program after years of practice and tested the different techniques instead of relying solely on theories.

You need to allot at least 90 minutes per week to experience noticeable and positive results. Upon purchase of the product, you will
understand the myths and truths in several weight loss regimens. Old School New Body focuses on 40 year-olds, so the diet plans and exercise routines are geared to this age group.

The workout routines and diet schedules consist of three phases. In each phase, a level of development allows you to measure your success in the program. In addition, the second and third phases are optional, and you may choose to continue for further enhancement of your body.

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Overview of the Four Phases

The initial phase, or the F4X Lean, is the starting point for the entire program. In this phase, you will understand the basic protocols that include meal and exercise plans. Typically, the F4X lean helps you lose excess body fat and maintain your ideal weight.

After you have lost extra weight through the initial phase, you can proceed to the second stage. The F4X Shape teaches you effective steps on how you can gain lean muscles and obtain a fit body. As you go about this phase, you should try to adjust your workout routines and diet to achieve excellent results.

In the final phase, or F4X Build, you can build additional muscles and increase your body’s frame. Here, you can expect to learn about more variations of exercises and diet that will help you achieve such goal. The workouts may seem more challenging than the ones in the first and seconds phases; however, these are all intended to help you maximize the results you can gain from this program.

Old School New Body Benefits

Now that you are aware of the features of Old School New Body, you should learn about the numerous benefits that you could gain from the program.

1. Great results in a short amount of time

The program requires you to devote a few minutes per day to see noticeable results. After 90 days of adhering to the principles discussed in the program, you can expect to have a slimmer and stronger body. You only need to devote at least 90 minutes a week and follow the guidelines carefully, so you can enhance your body’s appearance.

2. Understand the facts and forget about the myths

With this handbook, you can forget about all those myths when it comes to aging, diet, and exercising. You no longer have to restrict yourself from eating some of your favorite foods, or eat in minimal amounts each day. Moreover, you will understand how some exercises tend to accelerate aging instead of defying it. You will find outstanding tips on the best exercises and diet that will build your muscles and give you strength.

3. Proven results based on research and practice

Steve Holman, the book’s author, has spent years in researching and examining the most effective strategies to obtain the ideal body shape. All the principles discussed in the book are factual and proven because the authors have tried these and attained remarkable results.

4. It is perfect for most individuals

This fitness program is suitable for you, even when you are in your 40’s or 80’s. Aside from the simple and straightforward techniques introduced in the handbook, these are also safe and effective. There are no recommendations to take pills or illegal drugs just to help you lose weight and gain muscles. The tips included in the book are targeted to a wider audience, as compared to most programs fixated on a particular demography.

5. Reasonably-priced

Finally, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars just to stay in shape and look younger than your actual age. Old School New Body is available for only $27, which is definitely cheaper than most health and fitness books that cost over $50.

6. Avail of bonus items

When you purchase this product, you can avail of additional items that will support your goal of losing weight and staying slim. First time buyers will receive a workout guide for the F4X, and 4 books that provide tips on muscle building, health, fat-burning, anti-aging, and happiness. They are also entitled to receive free instructional and motivational audio interviews from famous professional trainers.

7. Completely risk-free

You have nothing to lose when you purchase this product because of the money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the results after 60 days of trying the program, you may get the full amount you paid for the product.

The Verdict

After you have read the basic information and features discussed in this Old School New Body review, you might have realized how the product can be a perfect fit to your needs and lifestyle. You can gain all the benefits offered in this program, as long as you follow the techniques and recommendations carefully. Moreover, make sure you consult your doctor before you start with the program, so you can obtain positive results that will exceed your expectations.

Get The Old School New Body Package with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee